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Our programs give you the opportunity to escape distractions and get some time away to focus on YOU and your goals. Many students will be attending our camp with a specific goal in mind. This could be to learn martial arts, lose weight, get in better shape, improve the memory, travel, adventure, balance out the spirit etc. We offer focused training at our live-in training camp 5 days a week.


Training in North Carolina and Southeast Asia

Martial Art Instructor Certification or Mind-Body-Spirit Adventure Program

  • Short term 10 day camps also available join any time.
  • At least 200 private group training hours with Mr. Rick Tew for total Warrior student.
  • Instructor training program with training.

Indoor And Outdoor Training

NinjaGym®  Martial Science Total Warrior Program and Martial Arts Camp is is conducted in Asheville, North Carolina with outdoor training in places like Blue Ridge Mountains and Looking Glass Rock or on the tropical islands in Thailand. This live-in program includes a basic group style accommodation (basic shelter and group shared facilities). In Asia we offer Students the opportunity to move to Thailand to train in our long-term mastery program for less than $500 per month.

Escape distractions and get some time away to focus on YOU and your goals. If you are in pursuit of a career in the Martial Arts, this is the program for you. Students get an option to become as assistant instructor during the 2nd year. We offer focused training at our live-in training camp 5 days a week, all year round.

Instructor certification awarded upon completion and an opportunity to work as NinjaGym® Martial Arts instructor is presented to the best students. Get certified and run your own camp/school.

Informational books and DVD’s for our training programs are available at:

Perfect for beginners looking for an intro to the martial arts and those who want to escape office cubicle and make a positive life change. A typical student takes 1 month per level


Level one certificate links for Rick Tew's martial science


Level two certificate links for Rick Tew's martial science


Level three certificate links for Rick Tew's martial science


Level four certificate links for Rick Tew's martial science


Level four certificate links for Rick Tew's martial science


He is very intelligent, very funny, very cool and very disciplined. This rare combination of attributes makes Rick a dynamo of a person and teacher.

Jamien OuseySanta Barbara, California - USA
He doesn’t let his sensei title keep him from having fun with the students, but also doesn’t miss an opportunity for an important and serious lesson. Most people feel they have to be all fun or all serious instead of balanced.
Ross KottmyerVirginia - USA
His teaching is world renowned by my standards and probably everyone else’s. I like how nothing is the same, it’s always changing and that’s how a person grows, therefor the system grows.
Kevin OgdenMadison, Wisconsin - USA
Mentally I learned that there are many different ways of thinking, and a strong result of those thoughts are your action and success. Much of what you get out life, and what life is going to offer you, is dependent on how you think.
Kris ButlerCanada
I have gained more strength, stamina, and creativity physically, mentally, and spiritually. My ability to communicate clearly and with confidence without being overbearing has also advanced my professional life.
Craig PetersonCedar Rapids, Iowa - USA

Well California for one! We traveled through Arizona, Texas, Mexico, Nevada – all over the south west including many national parks and climbing parks!

Mark WilliamsPortsmouth - England
His method of teaching is awesome, very clear and simple. The way his classes are organized are also fun since they are not repetitive. He’s also an overall fun guy, does pretty much everything with the students.
Cédric CobbanSherbrooke, Québec - Canada
It’s diverse, but simple, fun, challenging, indoors and out. It’s more than just punching and kicking. You get to travel and see amazing places. You get to develop skills that might never be noticed. You learn to be a team player, but have enough space to express your own creativity.
Ortwin CyrusHolland / Netherlands

Many Places I had never been before, on the side of a rock, out in the woods in California, and many other places where I saw fascinating and beautiful things.

Shawn HeimbignerWashington USA
I love to climb everything from rock faces to trees and houses. King of the mat was always something I looked forward to as well as sparring and I always enjoyed anything outdoors.
Jabez ParsonsActon, Maine - USA

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The images that you’re looking at are a mix from all our different programs.  NinjaGym® not only provides the very best intro to the martial arts, but also international adventure. Master Instructor Rick Tew has taken his students rock-climbing through The Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park and Thailand, camping adventures as well as hiking to some of the most stunning views in Hawaii.

NinjaGym® Training Programs

Home Study Program

Martial Arts IslandJoin us on the beaches of Thailand in our island training.

Travel & Training TourThe C.A.N.U tour is 1-4 weeks of the very best adventure the U.S. has to offer.
The Martial ScienceEarn your black belt in a dynamic and practical martial art.

North CarolinaJoin the 1 year live in program at our Asheville location near the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Ninja Summer Camp10 days of intense martial science training and adventure in California.


Lets check out other  great programs that we offered!
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