How To Make Money Doing What You Love

Become NinjaGym® affiliate and make $500 per sale

Martial Arts Camp Thailand

Tell your friends, colleagues, family members or people you know about our
Martial Arts Training Programs/Camps. We do all the work for you to complete the sale. If they sign up, you get $500 per sale. It’s that simple!

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Or, if you are really hungry – how to make $5,000 -$10,000 a month doing what you love.

Do you know someone who:

  • Enjoys training in the Martial Arts or would like to become a Martial Arts Instructor?
  • Wants to get in shape, lose weight, stay healthy and young?
  • Likes outdoor adventures and traveling to new places?
  • Does not do well in traditional school environment or looking for an alternative education – School of Life?
  • Can benefit from personal growth experience by spending some doing something new or exotic?
  • Would like a change of lifestyle?
  • Would like to retire and live on an exotic island with a low cost of living?
  • Needs to get through a difficult time in their life?

If your answer is YES to at least one of the questions above, then maybe you could become our affiliate, tell them about our Martial Arts or Leadership programs in Las Vegas or our training a tropical island in Thailand and start making money helping other to improve their lives!

We accept students who are 16 years old and above.

To do what you love – you need TIME to do it and a schedule that fits around YOU. So you need an income from work that allows you to work on your schedule.

This is not a gimmick or spam style sales tactic. Many people work an entire week for less than $500 We are offering you an opportunity to introduce our program to someone you know that may be interested in attending our live in martial arts camp for one or many of the following reasons:

  • Get a variety of martial arts training
  • Take a break to get in shape
  • Take a vacation and learn something new
  • Learn to be a martial arts instructor

If your friend or acquaintance signs up to our 5-month or 1-year long term program, you will earn $500 when they complete their full payment and register with their paperwork.

If your friend signs up to any smaller programs (10-day program, monthly program or NinjaGym® Home Study Program), you will get 10% of what you friend pays to sign up.

Hello, my name is Rick Tew and I run and operate the worlds first multi-martial arts training camp that incorporates a mental success system as well as outdoor adventure. We also call it KICK2START.

We have been featured in Black Belt Magazine teaching specific skills from our Martial Science programs as well as being in this business for more than 20 years.

Black Belt Magazine Online-Rick Tew

We are focused on changing lives and not just teaching people to throw a few punches and kicks (though we do that too).

Our websites are (Martial Arts and Fitness blog / NinjaGym™ Online Community) and (details about the camp).

How do I get started to become an affiliate with NinjaGym® and start earning an income changing lives?

  1. You must contact us and send us a private message stating your interest in promoting our program for personal profit.
  2. You tell your friends about the program and bridge contact with them. Let us know who you are communicating with so we know who is your sale. We will do all the leg work so you can tell them as much as you want.
  3. It is suggested that you go the extra mile and make use of blogs, e-mail and other strategies to improve your sales like sharing the idea on Facebook.
  4. You can set up ad banners that track people that click too if you’d like to post online.

YES – you can sign up more than one person and earn $500 for each completed sale.

You work as an independent contractor, but if your work a normal month searching for people – you can easily have a 2,000 to $5000 income if you target the right market. Simply ask yourself  the following question:

Who would benefit from this type of program?

Consider not only martial artists, but also adventures that like to travel, maybe people that want to see Thailand and live on a tropical island or people from other countries that would like to visit the United States and learn a new skill while they are here.

Our program gives participants the opportunity to escape distractions and get some time away to focus on you and your goals. Many students will be attending with a specific goal in mind and or to attain certification in a specific skill.  This could be to become a martial arts instructor, lose weight, get in better shape, improve their memory, adventure, balance out the spirit etc.

How about teenagers and adult youths that need some guidance or direction? Or kids that quit school and need a cheap solution for an education that can make a difference in their lives. There are many people in the unschooling market that are looking for programs like this.

How about people that don’t fit into the typical work life structure and would like to learn a new skill, live a different life or perhaps become an instructor.

Some people may just need a break from life and embark on a new adventure as a distraction until they can get back on track.

Very often, just changing the environment is enough to inspire and ensure change for an individual.

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Maybe your interest is also in adventure and by being passionate about helping us get people out of the COLD of the UK and into the WARM waters of Thailand or WARM weather of California – you can meet your goals too.

You could even create a career out of this if you put the energy and time into introducing people to our program and then participating yourself helping to manage the adventure aspects.

There are two main needs that most people have at any given time in their life. The first is the need for certainty (security). But let’s call it MONEY 🙂 This is what drives most people and why they end up on jobs that they either do not LOVE or jobs that doesn’t give them enough freedom to do what they really want to do.

The next need is actually the opposite of certainty and it is the need for uncertainty. Humans need variety and they get bored doing the same thing day in and day out. Imagine eating EXACTLY the same meal for EVERY meal. Imagine that every day was cloudy and you never saw the sun.

Problem is that if you chase only certainty (money) you can limit uncertainty (variety). Adventure and travel offers a lot of the uncertainty and variety. There are 4 other BIG human needs too, but these first two are what we need to create a good starting balance.

If you can introduce enough people to our programs you can earn more than you would at a normal JOB thus freeing up all your time to do what you want.

The challenge is FEAR or DOUBT that you would actually being able to do this.

You need to reach the people that want change and will invest in their lives too.

If you do enough PROMOTION, these people will find you.

IDEAS are great, but what is most important is taking action. Once you START, you will begin to open up the different paths that truly make the difference. We will be doing most of the work for you too 🙂 Your task is introducing people to us.

Right now if we were to give you 10% of program sign ups you could earn $2,222 for 10 sign ups. This isn’t much but if you considered that you could be FREE all day to do what you want and still survive – it’s not bad.

If we gave you $500 per sign up and you managed to sign up 10 students, that is $5,000 and you are now able to start being creative with your money.

How about $1,000 per sign up? Ask us how.

We are not focused so much on the money and the only thing stopping you would be whether or not you TRULY believe this is HARD to do or if it is EASY to do. I know you can do it. It is more about what you really want to do.

We are more than happy to help make this a reality.

What you need is action and the inspiration to go after your dreams with passion.

The only real challenge is PROMOTION and getting the idea into the eyes of those to consider. It needs to focus on their needs. What are people thinking about right now there? Are they getting COLD and the thought of Thailand would be great? Are they bored and the thought of learning a new skill would be great?

What is the fastest way to reach the most people who WANT something like this?

We can list out all of the IDEAS and then see if we can pick one or two. It just needs to be really outside the box and able to go viral.

If you could see this as a BUSINESS – as if you were in charge of your own PROMOTIONAL business in your area, then you can really shake things up. Could you get 10 students in one month for $10,000 reward? Or if you re-framed that view and thought – if I don’t sign up 10 people, I will die in 31 days 🙂 We will do more to avoid pain than we will do to gain pleasure and what you BELIEVE is possible is what makes all the difference in the world.

All ideas are great and we will support your efforts.

We would love to post a large banner that says, $10,000 for anyone that manages to send 10 people to Thailand for a life changing adventure in mind, body and spirit 🙂

OR – YOU can put that banner in your head and take action every day with that goal in mind. If you do… ALL OF THE ANSWERS will come to you naturally.

Ask the right questions:

Q: How can I sign up 10 people in 1 month?
Q: How can I introduce people that want change in their lives to this program?

Keep asking that questions.

There are people that are just in a tough period in their lives and they need a shock to break them free. We can help people with their Life Coaching challenges too. There are many reasons that people will want to attend our programs, but the biggest will be to SOLVE their personal problems and we offer a creative solution to do just that.

To MAKE anything happen you need Motivation, Action, and Knowledge.

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